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Insolation- Heatstroke

By the effect of solar radiation on the central nervous system being able to do it come to meningeal irritation.
Above all after long lying ultraviolet rays can have an effect on uncovered part of the body like head and nape.
Especially susceptible one are infants, infants and people with a head bald head.


With heat exhaustion is the cause that the warm regularisation is disturbed, and the warm traffic jam concerns to the whole body. Here the humid-schoolboy weather and unsuitable clothing play a role.
The warm exportation by sweating is disturbed.


The insolation comes along by cephalalgias, dizzinesses, nausea, emesis, consciousness clouding, Nackensteifigkeit bemekbar. Also cramps are possible. The head is a highly reddened, and infants can develop suddenly high fever.

The immediate measures are: the storage with raised head in a chill environment, the head with fomentation cool. To vital function should be respected. Necessary humors must be supplied.
With complications like cramps drugs must be given.



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