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The most frequent causes of death in the Federal Republic of Germany (1997)

As the most frequent cause of death diseases of the circulatory system with 48.5% are found, followed by cancer illnesses with 24.1%, at the third place there stand illnesses of the respiratory organs with 6.1%. Closely followed by the deaths by burns and poisonings with 4.5% the diseases of the digestive organs with 4.7%, then follow are nutritional diseases and metabolic disorders with 3%, followed by diseases of the nervous system and he senses with 1.7%, as the last follow psychiatric illnesses with 1.3%. All remaining diseases, to the death lead lie together with 6.2%.

Cause of death statistics of malign neoplasms in cancer in the FRG in 1995 for women and men apart:

With women the breast cancer with a frequency of 18% leads to the death, followed by Dick's cancer and rectum cancer with 16%, at the third place trachea, bronchi and the lung with 8% follows, then is represented stomach cancer with 7%, then come with 5% the womb, the bladder, kidneys and other micturition organs, leukaemia stands with 3% at the end of the list. The list with 32% is stated by the rest of all cancer illnesses.

With men there stands, firstly, the rest of all illnesses with 34%, it follows with 26% of trachea, bronchi and lung, with 12% of large intestine and rectum, then the diseases of the prostate gland with 11% are represented most often, then it follows with 7% the bladder, kidney and other micturition organs and stomachs, the end form leukaemia with 3% and the breast with 0.1%.


1. Operation

2. Chemotherapy

In the chemotherapy the substances (Cytostatika) with which the cancer cells are brought to the decease are used. Some cancer kinds do not respond to this chemotherapy, other. The strain of the healthy tissue is not to be avoided.

Because the chemotherapeutics are toxic materials, the healthy cells also perish. Through this the partly considerable side effects explain themselves. This therapy can be used only with few cancer kinds to the healing. Some other cancer kinds (breast, prostate gland, womb, ovary, bladders, esophagus cancer) respond at least relatively well to the treatment. Other cancer diseases (possibly from skin, kidney, bowel, stomach, lung, brain) respond only badly, or the side effects are so strong that neither improvement of the quality of life, nor life lengthening are reached with it. Is valid above all for the badly attractive tumours that a naturheilkundliche therapy often brings more Lebensqualitiät than the chemotherapy.

3. Radiotherapy

Radioactive and X-ray radiation can damage cells. With the radiotherapy one tries to concentrate the radiation very exactly upon the tumour tissue to spare the remaining body. So a treatment is carried out either after an operation, or if the tumour cannot be operated. Some cancer kinds do not react sensitively (respectable knots and Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Tumore), other at all.

4. Hormonotherapy

Side effects

The radiotherapy attacks just as the chemotherapy only cells which often divide. So side effects are:
bone marrow impairments

 1. On this occasion, it comes for the decrease of the leucocytes and the Thrombozyten. Hence, must be calculated on raised infection danger and bleeding.

2. It often comes to diarrheas.

3. ANE syndrome: Anorexia, nausea, emesis (loss of appetite, nausea, emesis), which from the patients the gefürchteteste side effect which leads in isolated cases to the refusal of the therapy.

4. Nervous system impairments: most often the peripheral nervous system is concerned, weeks to months mostly appear in this order failure of the jerks (first in the legs), sensibility disorders and motor infirmity. The symptoms recede only after months and mostly incompletely. Autonomic nervous system: mostly increasing blockade, seldom the bowel hemiplegia which can also enter suddenly with therapy beginning, colicky pains, Miktionsstörungen, impotence, Visual nerve impairment, ghost images, Facialisparese, gulp disorders etc... By the therapy it can also come to cerebellum impairments. Imbalances, dizzinesses and washed out speech are the results.

5. Bloody bladder infections.

6. Skin changes: the skin is thickened above all in the limbs, dry, cracked and mostly sore. It can come in the area earlier of irradiated districts for the most severe nekrotisierenden (dead) skin changes.

7. Hair loss with massive psychic problems.

8. Fevers, grip feeling and arthralgias appear.

9. Lung change with achievement decrease and dyspnea.

10. Heart impairment and a strong interference of the heart function is not to be excluded.

11. Kidney impairment with disorder of the Miktion, disorder of the water household and electrolyte household, derailment of the acid cousin's household.

12. Liver impairment with detoxication disorder.

13. Allergic reactions, heart bad circulation.

14. Cancer-causing: all Cytostatika are cancer-causing, it are reported in the course of the bigger therapy result, unfortunately, also increasingly about Zweit-Neoplasin with before cytostatisch treated patient.

15. Genital glands and hormone disorders: the use of most Cytostatika leads with longer use to the non-appearance of the month cycle, sperms are not formed enough and are mostly morbid.

16. Mood variations (depressions, sleep disorders, fatigue, stimulus deficiency).

Natural procedure therapies

These not seldom appearing and fear to making side effects have made me think over these therapies and seize other therapy forms.

1. The mistletoe therapy:

The mistletoe therapy is the probably best known and most successful biological treatment of cancer. It was introduced about 1920 by Rudolf Steiner and a development of the anthroposophic medicine. Their efficacy is booked by numerous studies. With the mistletoe therapy the preparations which contain a watery extract from the plant are used.
According to kind of the cancer illness mistletoe kinds are used which differ in the host's trees on which the mistletoe grows (fir mistletoe, apple tree mistletoe, jaw mistletoe).


Mistletoe preparations work in double manner: on the one hand they weaken the protective barrier of the tumour tissue, so that the cancer cells can be recognised by the resistance cells and be removed. On the other hand mistletoe agents stimulate the immune system and improve the metabolism of the healthy connective tissue lying around the tumour. Thus metastases can be prevented. A mistletoe therapy leads in many cases to a slowing down of the growth, sometimes also to a back-formation of malign tumours. From particular importance is that the immune system is protected against the negative effects of rays or chemotherapy provably.

Side effects of the rays and chemotherapy are reduced, the treatments will better stand. The clear influence on the quality of life of the patient is not to be overlooked: Improvement of the appetite, increase of the body weight, removal of sleep disorders, increase of the efficiency, improvement of the mood position and decreased pain feeling.
The side effects are light Hautrötung and temperature projection.

2. On oxygen and ozone therapy

On oxygen and ozone therapy it was already entered in detail. see oxygen therapy
Effect of the oxygen therapy:

In the medicine different qualities of the ozone are used sensibly:

1. Bactericidal effect: it destroys bacteria, thereby, e.g., cleaning of purulent wounds.

2. Antiviral agents effect: it venichtet viruses, hence, the highly active application with virus infections, as for example also with the hepatitis or with the herpes zoster / simplex.

3. Fungicides effect: it destroys fungi, hence, the positive effect with fungus infections resistant to therapy of the most different localisation.

4. Granulationsfördernde effect: it cures tissue, contributes to the quicker sore healing.

5. Blood circulation-supporting effect: hence, the application with circulatory disturbances of the brain, the heart, the periphery (arms, bones).

6. Normalising effect: on blood parametres did not pass away like blood lipids, uric acid, immune-modulating with bad immune resistance, fermentation metabolism lowering, oxygen change supporting, thereby any more application to be imagined as not existing in the cancer therapy.

7. Detoxifying effect: on liver and kidney, among other things because circulating immune complexes can be neutralised quickened. These are responsible for many autoimmune diseases.

8. Analgesic: hence, in the rheumatic therapy and the cancer therapy, with migraine, Neuralgien.

3. Physical therapy

The application easier of physical stimuli with water, air, warmth or cold has a long tradition in the medicine and is the stigma of the therapy. One counts to them a row of treatment forms which reaches the physical recovery or the preservation or recovery of the physical mobility and with it linkedly, finally, also the strengthening of the immune system. The meaning of these procedures lies in the fact that the patients have the possibility themselves, to become active and to have influence on her illness.

Water therapies (hydropathy).Sie belongs to physical therapies use the healing power of the water in many external uses. Besides, in the foreground stand the improvement of the general state of health, the support of the blood circulation and the stimulation of the immune system.

Thermo therapies use the salutary effects of warmth and cold. They deal nothing with the Überwärmungs and fever therapies, because they do not work directly on the tumour. Warm packets, for example, with Fango, help to solve muscle spannings.

Hot and cold baths (warm and cold water in the change) stimulate the blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.
Therapeutic exercises: Lack of exercise leads to a huge number of disorders, under it muscle spannings, dejection, sleep disorders and circulatory disturbances. Because of the feedback about the mental constitution, every form of the motion can become in these cases the therapy.

4-vitamins and other vital materials (Orthomolekulare medicine)

Vitamins, mineral substances and trace elements perceive important duties in our metabolism and are absolutely of vital importance. One calls them, therefore, vital materials. We use them only in small or tiny amounts, however if they are absent, we become ill. The need in vital materials is ordinarily covered with healthy nutrition. With tumour illnesses additional doses of vital materials can be necessary to avoid deficiency states. The most important vital materials are:


if are organic matters which the organism cannot produce itself, but needs to the maintenance of many bodily functions. They are taken up with the food and reach about the bowel in the bloodstream. For a sufficient vitamin care we also need a healthy intestinal flora, because bowel bacteria also produce vitamins. We make a distinction between water-dissolvable and fat-soluble vitamins. Fat-soluble vitamins come only into presence of food fats in the bloodstream. In contrast to water-dissolvable vitamins the danger of a Überdosierung exists.

Mineral substances:

Magnesium, calcium or potassium are required for the metabolism processes in the cell. The signal transmission in the nerve cells, muscle motion and other functions are not conceivable without mineral substances.

Trace elements:

like selenium, copper or zinc are the mineral substances which are needed only in very small dose by the body. In connection with proteins they are involved in the important control duties which do not run off without these substances or clearly bad. Special fatty acids and amino acids: for many duties of our somatic cells, also the hormone cells, certain fats and protein components (amino acids) are indispensable. Essentially means that the body cannot produce them in contrast to other fats and amino acids, they must be taken up with the food.

Within the scope of the treatment of cancer vital materials play a special role. Vitamin C can prevent the connection of carcinogenic nitrosamines in the gastrointestinal tract. Cancer-restraining qualities show in the bioassay vitamin A and his preliminary stage beta carotene. Furthermore have beside vitamin C and D vitamin B a stimulative effect on the immune system, so that the selfhealing forces are stimulated. Finally, a highly measured vitamin dose apparently influences the pain perception, so that under such a therapy often the dose can be considerably lowered by painkillers.

5-vegetable agents against cancer

The knowledge about the plant ingredients which unfold a restraining effect on cancer cells is relative. It concerns natural substances which are produced by plants to protect themselves from pests. Nevertheless, the exact impact of the single materials is widely unsettled.

The scientific basis for some recommendations of the folk medicine after which possibly the intake of blueberry, beetroots, red grape juice or garlic or broccoli should help in the treatment of cancer and cancer prophylaxis is possibly found with these substances. Only the Karotinoide, Sabonine, Phytosterine and flavanoids are mentioned here by the numerous plant materials. The house medicine which are included these materials in special measures: Borecole, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, garlic and bulbs.

6-detoxication therapies concerning nutrition:

Civilisation food loads the body considerably: fatty, roughage arms, food rich in sugar leads to constipation. Then the rests of unused food remain as bowel slags in the bowel folds and bowel loops of our bowel. The slags change the living conditions of our bowel bacteria. Undesirable bacteria and fungi which cause sepsis and fermentation can thereby settle in the bowel. Subsequently there originate toxic substances (bowel poisons) which reach by the intestinal wall in the blood circulation.

However, with the food we also take up pollutants (environmental poisons, food additions, alcohol) from the environment which also reach in the bloodstream. Like the bowel poisons they deposit if they are not diminished by the liver, as slags in the tissue and decrease the achievement of metabolism and hormone system. To walk this situation, three steps must occur:

1. prevent the absorption of new toxins by a transposition of the nutrition.

2. Detoxication or purification him, bodies release from topically incriminating slags and toxins.

3. After every detoxication normalise the intestinal flora (symbiosis steering system) to finish education of bowel poisons.

A detoxication of the body is possible with different methods: with the help of the electric acupuncture certain environmental pollutants can be identified. To the Ausleitung of certain strains homoeopathy and chemical Komplexbildner are suited. The latter are chemical materials which combine with pollutants, possibly mercury, and make this water-dissolvable which makes an excretion with the urine possible. An effective form of the body detoxication is the remedial starvation. By the immobilisation of the bowel the body begins to diminish fat. Besides, located slags also free themselves in the tissue. To suffer no poisoning, they must be eliminated as quickly as possible. This can be reached by a lot of drinking, or by vegetable or homoeopathic support and by mineral substance dose.

Symbiosis steering system (bowel sanitation):

Whether the metabolism and immune system well function, depends in special measure on the bacteria (intestinal flora). They form together with other factors (how temperature and humidity) the bowel environment in which several hundred bacterial kinds live in number and growth exactly on each other coordinatedly. Something about the intestinal flora is still unknown to us. However, one knows that a healthy intestinal flora adjusts the digestion, prevents slags and toxin depositions and possibly prevents the absorption of carcinogenic substances. Without right intestinal flora we cannot use vitamins and some nutrients.

Where good bowel bacteria are settled, no being off sick strangers can settle. With it intestinal diseases are prevented. Person and bowel bacteria live together to the mutual use (in symbiosis).

 A bigger part of the immune system is in the bowel, another tip to the meaning of the bowel concerning the immune resistance.

However a disturbed intestinal flora (Dysbiose) shows many foreign embryos, they cause Gärnies and sepsis processes which lead not only to disagreeable flatulences and smells, but also to the education of toxic materials which can be cancer-bringing on. Some of the bacteria foreign to bowel even carcinogenic materials release. A disorder of the intestinal flora shows a risk factor with the cancer genesis. Triggers for it are above all antibiotics, they lead to the decease of important bacteria of the intestinal flora. After every chemotherapy or radiotherapy the intestinal flora is often destroyed even completely. If a normal intestinal flora is not rebuilt here systematically, being off sick bacteria or fungi can reproduce in the bowel, so that the healing course is disturbed at least considerably. A symbiosis steering system is to be recommended with every cancer illness if tips to a disturbed intestinal flora (with the help of a chair assay) are given. After a chemotherapy or radiotherapy this is practical always the case.

7-psychoneuro immunologies

Mental condition has determining influence on our body and vice versa physical problems load the soul. Also in the school medicine the functional connection is known between psyche, brain, nerves, to internal glands and internal organs. Unfortunately, this knowledge is included too seldom in the therapy.
The psychoneuro immunology is no single therapy form, even more a science which deals with the connections between soul (psyche), nerves (Neuro) and immune system (immunology). She encloses all therapies which have influence on a physical illness about the soul.


Cancer comes first in the death rate statistics between the 15-75-year-old.

In the USA deaths by heart circulation illnesses had, e.g., in 1960 her climax, since then they show a falling trend, however, the number of the deadly cancer illnesses rises.

During the first 5 years after the cancer diagnosis die more than half of all ill of a Rezidiv or metastases. For this reason should be absolutely thought to preventive measures.

Sport is given priority for the treatment of cancer because sport strengthens the immune system, it activates the endogenic killer cells of the resistance system the cancer cells to destroy and sport works positively on psychological and social processes. For example, defeated Lance Armstrong who won in 1999 the tour de France to his testicle cancer, also with the help of the sport.

Already from 1922 studies are given in what is reflected that a connection exists between cancer and sportily inactive. This is valid above all for them, the death rate statistics of stating cancers (cancer) of the colon, the lung, the breast, the prostate gland, the rectum, the Ovaren, the uterus and the testicles.

Already in 1969 the doctor van to flat barges put up the daring assertion "sport protects against cancer" what he tried to prove then also in a study. In experiments with the rats who had to tumour and sportily were coached, the growth of tumours and the settlement of metastases decreased. The different strains had very positive results, turned out best of all, however, the strains lying in the middle area. This speaks for a preventive (preventive) character compared with cancer and, however, the active mechanism is not completely cleared yet.

Best of all the perseverance sport which has a stimulative effect on the immune system turned out. Besides, become killer cells which are responsible to track down cancer cells and to destroy, activates. In animal studies it was found out that rising the endogenic killer cells (macrophages) is due to an increase caused by sport of the cell hormones interferon and interleukin. Also sporty people live healthier and it a pleasant sensation appears. With high-level serious sport, however, an immunsuppressive effect stands out.

Sport is recommended as a prevention measure against cancer and 2 - 3 times weekly approx. 30 should be pursued - 45 minutes of sport in support of the recommendations of the circulation researchers of the German sports school of Cologne. The strain strength should amount to 18 minus age.

Cancer patients show in the anamnesis often a not so high number of the infections, is assumed from the fact that an immune system stimulated by infections can better sit down against cancer cells to the weir.

The therapies which can help:

Active specific immunization, Immunologisches lab Hannover, Theodor Binin street 10, 30625 Hannover.

Fraunklinik of the university of Heidelberg, Vossstr.9, 69115 Heidelberg.

Homöopathie:Deutscher central association of homoeopathic doctors inc., Linkenheimer Landstr. 113, 76149 Karlsruhe.

Misteltherapiegesellschaft of antroposophischer doctors in Germany, Drossinger street 53, 70619 Stuttgart.

Nutrition: German society for nutrition, Feldbergstr. 28, 60323 Frankfurt am Main.

Bavarian cancer society inc., Tümpelinger street 4, 80337 Munich.

Federal study group for consumer questions in the public health, post office box in 1706, 82305 mountains Stam.

German society for oncology, medical university of Cologne, Goldenfelsstr. 19-21, 50935 Cologne.

German cancer society inc., Bauerlichstr. 41, 60596 Frankfurt am Main.

German cancer help inc., Thomas Mann's street 40, 53111 Bonn.

German cancer research centre, in the new field Heima 280, 69120 Heidelberg society for biological resistance inc., high street 27, 69015 Heidelberg.

International society for comprehensive dentistry inc., Franz Nauff street 4, 69115 Heidelberg.

Kid-cancer news service in the German Drebsforschungszentrum in new Heimerfeld 80.69120 Heidelberg.

Magdeburg cancer league inc., contact place and advice centre, Gerhard captain's street 35, 39108 Magdebeurg.

Nagus national contact place and place of information, Albrecht's Achillis street 65, 10709 Berlin.

Cicruvita BKK for Ganzheitlichkeit, big Elbstr. 39, 22767 Hamburg.

Central bandage of the doctors for natural medicine, Alfertstr. 21, 72250 joy towns.


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