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Change of the bandage fabric of the underskin - illness of the beauty


According to studies it concerns with the cellulite a metabolic disturbance of the unterskin fatty tissue of upper thighs and bottom, more seldom also belly. Condition for the development of a cellulite is a certain Gewebsstruktur. While the unterskin fatty tissue is divided with women only by fine vertical Septen (demarcation) in bigger in parallel arranged chambers, additional connections lead with men to a strong bandage fabric with small diagonally arranged chambers. The storage of depot fat gives the starting signal for the depressions in the cells of the female Subcutis (under the skin). Dick become, these squeeze themselves by the tender, elastic collagen fibers of the female unterskin fabric through and become with the butt knife's test in the skin surface as an orange skin visible. If these little fatty tissues are not fought immediately, the metabolism of the Subcutis also changes: It comes for drain disturbances of blood and lymph whose result edemas and circulatory problems are. At the same time the collagen fibers thicken and harden to firm connective tissue ropes. They cause, finally, the "rumbled" appearance of the skin - typical sign of the advanced cellulite.





Beside the genetic arrangement for a weak bandage fabric high estrogen mirrors, overweight and lack of exercise are for the origin of a cellulite of meaning. Experts hold the estrogen for the most important ätiologischen (guilty) factor. On the one hand the prevailing majority of the women suffers from a cellulite; on the other hand the development begins only after the puberty, and, finally, the symptoms increase during pregnancy and lactation as well as under an estrogen treatment.

Therapeutic possibilities

Because it concerns events with the cellulite around multifaktorielles (many factors), there are also several therapeutic weak points. Firstly, stands the avoidance of factors which release a cellulite or maintain her development or accelerate. This means above all: 1-overweight avoids or diminishes. Besides, help reasonable food (little fat and coal hydrates) and regular movement. 2-sportive activities have even other positive effects on the orange skin. On the one hand the musculature will cause more hard and the bandage fabric more tightly, on the other hand exactly those factors, the advanced changes improve blood circulation and metabolism of the Subcutis, so. 3-Another therapeutic beginning are mechanical or physical methods of treatment. Here are beside the Iontophorese which a deeper penetration of therapeutic ointments or oils should allow in the Subcutis to call above all methods of the suggestion of the lymphatic drain. While suction pumping massages, as they are offered in cosmetics institutes, have only one lower effect, then the properly carried out manual lymphatic drainage can be extremely successful. The aim of this treatment is to stimulate the lymphatic system to the additional work, so that it exercises a suction on the blocked fabric parts and then the edema liquid about the lymphatic vessels can run off. The therapy success can be increased if after end of the massage certain drainage ointment is applied. Their ingredients affect adjusting the lymph flow and lead to a cleaning and purification of the affected fabric. Just the measure on which women spend most money have the slightest effect: pharmakologische substances in the form of creams, gel, ointments, to baths and packets. Though materials work like silicon adjusting on the cellulose change of the bandage fabric, and ivy essences improve the microcirculation. Nevertheless, their big disadvantage is that they penetrate hardly or not at all till the suitable layers of the Subcutis to achieve there an effect. As the "last rescue" the Liposuktion (Fettabsaugung) is often recommended. With this surgical intervention the fat is sucked off extensive under the orange skin areas, afterwards the fat cells are removed and splits the hardened connective tissue ropes. Under the condition that an experienced surgeon in the work was, the contour of the thighs can be thereby improved. However, the phenomenon of the orange skin continues.


The result which infuses itself in strict check of all therapeutic measures is sobering for many women. There is not wonder drug. If in spite of prevention a cellulite has formed, the affected persons need a lot of patience to reduce the swollen fat cells in the long term with weight decrease and to normalise metabolism and blood circulation with brush massages and lymphatic drainage.

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